Enabling Software Literacy

What is zells?

Imagine a world where sharing your data would not require handing it over to an international company. Where collaborating on dynamic models was as easy as chatting with your friends. Where your digital identity is protected and truly yours. And where modifying and creating software was as common place as using it.

Zells is a software platform that aims to make this world a reality, by changing the way we communicate through and with computers. Because only when everybody can harness the full power of a connected world, only when the global community of computer users is truly democratized, only then can the computer revolution happen.

Zells needs you!

If you are inspired by the power of computers but have the feeling that it is not used to its fullest; if you want change things and think zells might be a way, please get in touch.

Also, if you have any feedback, be it a flaw, something that's missing, or simply would like to know more, don't hesitate to write.

What's happening?

The project is in a very early stage. To stay informed about its progress, follow zells on twitter.

To find out what has been done and thought about so far, check out the repositories on github or read the blog articles.


My name is Nikolas Martens and I'm a software developer based in Berlin. I've been developing this idea ever since my diploma thesis and recently decided it's time to take it the next level.

You can reach me through my website or this contact form.